SOON IS NOW: An exhibition celebrating global creativity, hope and love during lockdown.

We’re delighted to be partnering with Ireland’s number one paying visitor attraction, the Guinness Storehouse, to showcase the diversity of work from the Creatives Against Covid-19 campaign. For the first time, the breadth of global and local talent can be experienced together under one iconic roof.

SOON IS NOW is an exhibition of creativity, hope and love during lockdown which runs from 11th July to 31st August 2020. At the height of the pandemic, when the whole world was put on pause, Creatives Against Covid-19 called on the creative industry to design inspiring art prints of optimism and resilience.

Building the collection from a place of positivity, patience and hope, we chose the theme “Soon”. Soon, all the things we enjoyed most would resume. Soon, the pieces of our lives would fall back into place. In just 7 days, over 1,200 art prints from over 30 countries were designed and submitted to the campaign.

The art quickly became an antidote to bad news, an explosion of colour and creativity, filling hearts and Instagram feeds across the globe with moments of hope, joy and love. Bringing us together when we had to stay apart.

This exhibition marks the passing of time of the pandemic. We are one step closer to doing all the simple things we missed the most. As the Lockdown draws to a close, SOON IS NOW.

To show our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have purchased a Creatives Against Covid-19 print online, we are offering free entry to the Home of Guinness and a complimentary beverage. We’ll be sending print purchasers an email with a code to book your complimentary visit soon.

For those who haven’t yet purchased, and don’t want to miss this special exhibition, purchase your print today at

Guinness Storehouse MD Catherine Toolan said, “It was fascinating to see the outpouring of creativity inspired by this campaign – not just the variety of talent in the artwork, but also the strong message of unity during what continues to be an trying time. I was also intrigued to see the long-awaited pint of Guinness feature in many guises throughout the artwork, and it is a perfectly fitting venue to not only showcase the work, but also invite people to enjoy a pint poured at the Home of Guinness itself. We look forward to welcoming everyone in to see the exhibition!”

– Catherine Toolan, MD Guinness Storehouse

 “The Guinness Storehouse has always been a hub of creativity, from storytelling and advertising to hosting and supporting artists, musicians and visual creatives. It’s the perfect venue to showcase this global creativity. While celebrated across the globe, Guinness is intrinsically Dublin– just like Creatives Against Covid-19 which was born in Dublin and raised in the world.”

– Celine Dee, RichardsDee