Creatives Against Covid-19 is a global campaign that called on the creative industry to design and donate inspiring posters of optimism, resilience, and hope. The campaign surpassed all our expectations, capturing hearts and minds across the globe. Over 1,000 posters, from over 30 countries, were designed and submitted within 7 days.

Covid-19 is the worst global crisis the world has faced since WWII threatening everyone indiscriminately, but especially vulnerable women and children. The catalyst for Creatives Against Covid-19 was reading two articles; the first from ISPCC Childline who were reporting a 30% increase in vulnerable children seeking help and advice on online. The second was an article from Women’s Aid who were deeply concerned about the safety of women and children affected by domestic abuse during this pandemic. Social isolation is far more dangerous for women and children living in the reality of abusive relationships. Trapped inside in unimaginable situations without the sanctuary of work or school or friends, we immediately knew we needed to help.

We set about developing the creative brief. To reframe this crisis into something more hopeful and optimistic, we chose the campaign theme ‘Soon’. This moment in our lives will not last forever. Soon we will be reunited with our families and friends. Soon all the things we enjoy the most will resume. And when they do, we will appreciate them so much more.

We wanted the campaign to be inclusive from the outset. We decided there would be no curation of the work, Creatives Against Covid-19 is not a competition, and it was always our plan to put all the work we received (within deadline) on sale. We wanted every piece of creative work donated to have the chance to make a difference.

By purchasing a print from Creatives Against Covid-19 you’re helping vulnerable women and children during a time when they most need our help and support. All proceeds from your purchase will be donated equally between ISPCC Childline and Women’s Aid.

Creatives Against Covid-19 was originated by RichardsDee, inspired by our belief that design has the power to create meaningful change for brands, businesses and the world in which we live. On behalf of RichardsDee and our collaborators without whom this would not have been possible; Shauna Buckley, Emma Conway, Sarah Doyle, Ryan Kavanagh, Fuchsia MacAree, Rory Simms and The Project Twins we thank you for your support and hope you love your new piece of art.