How to be good to your print

Handle with care

The pigment ink used on your poster can be quite vulnerable to damage, even from the slightest touch, so it needs to be handled carefully. Try not to touch any area of the page where ink has been applied. No matter how clean your hands are, or even if you’re wearing gloves, if you touch or scuff it, you run the risk of leaving a permanent mark. This kind of damage is especially obvious in dark/smooth areas of your prints. In lighter and more scattered/patterned prints you may never notice any scuffing or finger marks, but it’s always best to play it safe! So pick it up from the corners or from an area where there is no ink.

Make your poster last more than a lifetime

Although your poster is a little delicate, with proper handling it can last for centuries! In fact, that’s exactly what it’s designed for. Your poster is printed on archival paper to ensure that even your great-grandchildren can enjoy your piece of art just as the artist intended (they’ll probably be wondering why we were all stuck inside). Your best chance at achieving a long and happy life for your poster is keeping it dry, cool and out of direct sunlight. Big swings in temperature and humidity aren't good so do your best to avoid them if you can.

The Perfect Finish

Framing behind glass or Perspex (a transparent plastic) is ideal for your poster as both provide the ultimate physical protection as well as the perfect home for your new work of art. There are so many frames available to house your new A3 print and we think these ones are great:

Made just for you:

Hang tough
Dublin Picture Framing
Hen’s Teeth

Simple and ready to go:

Premier Frames